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Balangir Tourism

There are quite a few historical, scenic, and commercial places located within driving distance from Balangir. Tourists must be able to travel an average 4-5 hour journey to get to these places of interest. Sambalpur, Uadayagiri, and Kandhamal are few places that attract huge number of visitors over the weekend from Balangir. These are located within 200 km from central Balangir district. We will discuss more about these places and their prominence in this article.

Sightseeing within Balangir

Tourist Places in BalangirThe natural scenic beauty is a great blessing on Balangir city, apart that it is endowed with numerous temples, other religious monuments, and picnic spots, making the city a holy place and a must tourist place to visit. From the many, here is a small collection of information on few of the temples and picnic spots of Balangir in Odisha.

Sailashree Palace of Balangir – This palace in the town is one of the best ever built in Odisha state. It was once the home of Royal family of Balangir.

Anand Niketan – Looking for a spiritual place then, you must visit Anand Niketan at Khujenpali, which is also known as Khujenapali Ashram. It is five kilometres from the town. Do some meditation and get back refreshed for remaining part of the trip.

Rajendra Park – It is a perfect picnic spot for tourists travelling in groups. This park is popular for its spectrum of roses that add beauty and a treat for onlookers. Not to forget, this is a century old park too.

Karanga Kata – This Lake is another good place for family outing in the vicinity. With the growing number of tourists, the local authorities have renovated surroundings of the lake with a park, and boating facility to enhance tourism opportunities. Durga Mandir of Balangir is also very near to the lake.

Temples – Maa Pataneswari and Samaleswari are couple of temples in heart of the district. Maa Pataneswari is considered to be supreme god of the district. Local people consider it is an intense spiritual place of worship. Samaleswari temple is dedicated to Maa Samalei. These two temples draw huge crowds and are amongst most visited temples in western Odisha.

Places to Visit in and Around Balangir

Tourist Places in Balangir
Maa Samleshwari of Balangir


This place is located about 130 km from main district of Balangir. History has left a mark in this district with many mergers and divisions made by different rulers. It has blend of past and modern times. The land is also known for its richness in extracting diamonds. The river bed of Mahanadi has drawn many diamond collectors from across the globe in the past. Reports suggest that rarest quality and clarity diamonds were obtained from Mahanadi River. One of them is "Taj-i-Mah" that means crown of the moon, a colourless and most clear diamond ever obtained in the world. It is a 146-carat diamond. This district was also called as Land of Diamond trade for the numerous quantity extracted here and traded for money and other essentials.

Apart from diamond trade, the handloom sector also gained popularity from history. Sambalpuri sari is known for its complex fabric work and design. Bandhakala is also another well-known traditional handloom sari. The forests around the area, Hirakud dam on Mahanadi river, Leaning temple of Huma are special attractions of this district that can covered over the weekend. For More Click Here


Historical and architectural enthusiasts must visit Udayagiri. It is located about 220 km from Balangir and surrounded by hills. It is also known as "Sunrise Hills". These hills more than 30 caves with inscriptions of Buddhism dated to Kharavela reign. Udayagiri, Khandagiri, Langudi, Lalitgiri, and Ratnagiri are hills in this area. Amongst these, Ratanagiri and Lalitgiri are popular Buddhist sites that are left in ruins.


This is one of the most attractive places around Balangir. A 3-hour drive along the state highway# 41, covering a distance of 170 km is Kandhamal. The ghat road and forests give tourists a thrilling ride on highest mountain of Kandhamal, Daringbadi. Daringbadi is the only place in south that witnesses snowfall during winter. It also has the only summer resort in Odisha. Nature is best enjoyed in this region with Patudi, Ludu, Katramal, and Pakadadarah waterfalls. Adding to the beauty is the unique Shiva temple in Chakapada village where trees inside the temple lean in direction of South. There is more adventure at exotic locations of Belghar and Phulbani. Belghar has dense deciduous forests that habitats many wild animals and home for one of the oldest tribes in India. Phulbani is a good trekking and camping spot. One can go for boating in Salunki River and enjoy scenic beauty of the valley.

Apart from these sightseeing places, Bilaspur, Raipur, and Korba are few other exciting places located just over 250 km from Balangir district. You can look at these too as option of weekend getaway.


It is the ancient capital of kingdom of Patna. The ancient temples around this town like Patmeswari and Someswar Siva built in Chalukyan style and connect tourists with glory past of Chauhan rule. These monuments belong to the 12th Century. This town is located at a distance of 40 kilometres from Balangir by road. There are frequent buses that run from main bus stand of Balangir district.
As the district is flanked by Gandhamardan hills in North-west and rocky hills around along Mahanadi river in North-east, there are few scenic and adventurous places to visit. Gaikhai is one such place with green top hills and small water bodies around.


The hills with green top on three sides and few water bodies around offer cool and serene environment for tourists. This is very good spot for picnic and camp with families during vacation. The greenery and pleasant surroundings can be enjoyed all through the year.


Jogisarda is another place of worship located very close to Balangir. It is famous for Jogeswar Siva Temple, 25 kilometres from Balangir centre and 7 kilometres from Loisingha. Saintala and Dharpagarh are other pilgrimages located at a distance 40 and 50 kilometres respectively. Saintala is famous for very old Chandi temple that also has all ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu called The Dasavatara. Dharpagarh also has Chandi temple along with shrines of Lord Vishnu and Shiva.

One place of worship that stands out from these is Harishankar. It is at a distance of 80 kilometres from Balangir district, on Northern slope of Gandhamardan hills. Tourists can beat summer heat and plan an outing on some Sunday with family members. You can enjoy an interesting trek to the temple that is 16 kilometeres from base of the hill. The village atmosphere in the valley gets rid of stress with and create a comfort zone of your own.


If you are a fan of adventure and wildlife over pilgrimage and historic places then, you must visit Turekela which is a fantastic one day trip from Balangir. It is close to 3 hour drive from Balangir so, make sure to reach this place by sunrise to enjoy the wildlife. You will be able to catch live action of tigers, bears, monkeys and deers. Birds' chirping around in the wild is very soothing to ears. Turekela is 98 kilometres away from Balangir and can be reached by buses of Odisha state road transport.

Where to Stay in Balangir ?

Balangir famous hotelsWhen you got plans to visit the historic places in and around Balangir, immediate thought that strikes is the place for accommodation. Balangir, being a place for most of tourist visits, the stay for the guests of the city is accommodated with the best serviced hotels. There are a range of hotels that suits everyone’s pocket. Catering of not only the local delicacies, the hotels also have varied varieties of food, the rooms are spacious with the clean environment, and keeping hygiene on the priority list. Here’s a list of hotels that service with the best prices, food, rooms, and all the boarding facilities.
Hotel Bhammars
Address: Shiv Durga Complex, Sambalpur Road, Balangir, Odisha, 087631 58406

Hotel Classic
Address: Near Ramaiah Talkies, Gurudwar Road, Balangir, Odisha, 06652230091

Hotel Blue Lagoon
Address: Near Govt. Bus Stand, Balangir, Odisha

Ashok Hotel
Address: Tikrapara, Rugudipada, Balangir, Odisha 767001

Hotel New Paradise
Address:Rugudipada, Balangir, Odisha

Indoor Lodging
Address: Rugudipada, Balangir, Odisha

Hotel Progress INN
Address:Near Block Chowk, Balangir Road, Sonepur, Odisha

How to Reach in Balangir ?

Transport in Balangir
Balangir Railway Station

Balangir district is one of very backward and under developed district of Western Odisha. For the past few years, State and Central Governments have acted swiftly to improve the infrastructure and attract more tourists. The connectivity to Balangir from other cities of Odisha is well laid and many shuttles provided by State Road Transport Corporation made lives easier for the villagers and tourists. The district is well connected by rail too, Jharsuguda-Sambalpur-Titlagarh and Balangir-Khurda are directly linked to Balangir railway station. The railway line from Balangir to Khurda took ages to complete after it was sanctioned and inaugrated in 1993. Nuagaon and Raipur, Chhattisgarh are the nearest airports to Balangir; both at a distance just over 200 km by road. Bubhaneshwar airport is at distance of 327 km by road and 397 km by rail. Apart from Odisha State Governement, neighboring sates have also encouraged tourism with direct buses to Balangir and trains to the nearest locations.

Apart from these adventure and picnic spots, you can visit local villages around Balangir to know and understand the rich tribe culture. You can check our page on travel agents in Balangir to contact them and plan your outing. There is also a section with all helpline numbers that you might require in case of emergency during the trip.Tourists have to spend quality time in the district and its interior parts to closely understand the art and culture of common people and tribes of this region. It is guaranteed that every visitor will have memories to take away and cherish in future.

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