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Apparel Stores in Balangir

Three things are very important in life to survive; food, clothes, and shelter. With respect to clothing, Balangir has a strong history and tradition in Sambalpur sarees. These sarees are very popular in India and abroad for their unique work and material, especially Sambalpuri patta saree. Panchavati and Sonepuri sarees are couple of other varieties that are most liked by women. Men also have abundant options to buy suitable apparel from couple of mega shopping malls and branded stores like Duke, Levis', and Wranglers located within Balangir. Here is a list of apparel stores of Blangir that you can visit to buy branded garments to suit the occasion.

Cloth Shops in Balangir
Garment Shop

List of Cloth Shops in Balangir

Club Fox
Address: Club Fox, At Ramjee road, P.O Dist. Balangir, Odisha-767001

Dinesh Collection
Address: Dinesh Collection, At Ramjee road, P.O & Dist. Balangir, Odisha - 767001

Address: Near Durga Mandir, Ramjee Road, Balangir- 767001, Odisha
Mobile: +(91)-97763 22630

Jagadamba Saree Center
Address: Main road, Near Government Bus Stand, Balangir, Odisha -767001
Phone Number: +(91)-94374 30176

Aparna Sarees
Address: At Gopalji Road, Odisha - 767001
Phone Number: (+91) 06652 234911

Satyam Shivam Sundaram
Address: ramayan building, ramji chowk, Balangir, Odisha-767001
Phone Number: +(91)-9556452695, (+91) 06652 230838

Adidas Exclusive Store
Address: Hospital Square, Near patneswari Temple, Balangir, Odisha-767001

Levi's Store
Address: Basudev Bhavan, Sambalpur Road, Post & Dist. Balangir, Odisha - 767001
Phone Number: +(91)-9437032830

K-Lounge Showroom
Address: NH201, GandhiNagar, Balangir-767001, Odisha
Mobile: +(91)-9238909024

M/s Meher Footwear Industries
Address: Sargiguda, Titilagarh, Odisha-767033
Phone Number: +(91)-7504712558 , +(91)-9439276460

Reebok Showroom
Address: NH201, Gandhinagar, Balangir, Odisha - 767001
Mobile: +(91)-9238909024

Ladies Garments
Address: Main road, Balangir
Phone Number: +(91)-06652 234611

Anand cloth store
Address: Ramji mandir chowk,Balangir
Phone Number: +(91)-9861580413

Address: near durga mandap, Balangir
Phone Number: +(91)-06652 50074, +(91)-9437210101

Duke Showroom
Address: Ramji Road, 1st floor, Srikunj complex
Phone Number: +(91)-9438311565

Gopal Dresses
Main road, Balangir
Phone Number: +(91)-9437708444

Jeans Junctions
Address: Main road , Balangir
Phone Number: +(91)-9178959049

Apsara Dresses
Address: Main road,Balangir
Phone Number: +(91)-06652 233157

Subham Collection
Address: Main road, Balangir
Phone Number: +(91)-9437194787

Just-I showroom
Address: Ramji road,1st floor,Srikunj complex
Phone Number: +(91)-9438311565

Jay Durga Textiles
Address: Ramji road, Balangir
Phone Number: +(91)-9437194959

Pratik Collection
Address: Main road, Balangir
Phone Number: +(91)-9437368232

Sishu Mandir Kids Collection
Address: Ramji road, Balangir
Phone Number: +(91)-9853114385

Jai Kishan Jewellery
Address: Ichha Para Road, Palace line, Balangir-767001
Phone Number: +(91)-9777339242

Ashok Saree Centre
Address: Sambalpur Road, Balangir
Phone Number: +(91)-8895251848

Wrangler Store
Address: Jay Bharat Chowke Road, Balangir-767001
Phone Number: +(91)-9437032830

Bag Point
Address: Near Durga Mandap Chowk,Thikadarpara, Balangir
Phone Number: +(91)-9861226127, +(91)-9778483361

Master Mind
Address: Ramai Talkies Road, Balangir
Phone Number: +(91)-9438729222

Address: Ramai Talkies Road, Balangir
Phone Number: +(91)-9437151788

Puspanjali Saree Centre
Address: A.B.S.S.road, Balangir
Phone Number: +(91)-7504608611

Choice Collection
Address: Main road, Balangir
Phone Number: +(91)-9938200470

Fancy Cottage
Address: Ramji road, Balangir
Phone Number: +(91)-9090650789

Roop International The Ultramodern Mega Mall
Address: Ramai Talkies Road, Balangir
Phone Number: +(91)-9437329998, +(91)-9437368256

Ashok garments
Address: Samaleswari road, Balangir

Annapurna Matching Centre
Address: Gopalji road, Balangir
Phone Number: +(91)-986120621

Shree Mandir
Address: Samaleswari chowk, Daily market road, Balangir
Phone Number: +(91)-9437194885

Maa Garment
Address: Thikadarpara chowk, Balangir
Phone Number: +(91)-06652 232197

Banbhori Saree Centre
Address: Main Road, Balangir
Phone Number: +(91)-9438120838

Tantuja Bhavan
Address: Ramji road, Balangir

G.H & Sons Trading Pvt Ltd
Adddress: ABSS Road,Near Samleswari Temple, Balangir
Phone Number: +(91)-9437241863

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